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We take great service seriously because we care about our customers.
Our carefully selected services keep us focused on our goal: to make your lawns, gardens and trees look the best on the block!

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A Spring Clean Up will lay the foundation for healthy turf, effective lawn care, and a great looking property. Our service includes raking and collecting leaves, edging and turning garden beds, trimming of shrubs and the first lawn cut of the season.

lawn care servicesLAWN CARE

Our services include weekly lawn cutting and line trimming around all obstacles and borders. A deep edging will be completed along all concrete areas bordering the turf areas. Debris will be blown from driveway and sidewalk. Lawns will be seeded as necessary and seasonally fertilized to add the necessary nutrients required to increase root activity and develop a thick turf area. Got weeds and grubs? We’ll take care of that too!

garden servicesGARDEN CARE

Well planned and maintained gardens enhance the appearance of your home and outdoor spaces. Whether you need routine garden maintenance, a new flower bed installed, or a complete garden transformation, Twisted Oak Landscaping is your full-service gardening expert! Our garden services include soil amendments (specialized mixes, mulches, & compost) to make sure your landscape is healthy and resilient, year after year! We also offer planting and seasonal pots.


We’ll deal with your planting, trimming, maintenance, and even removal while you enjoy the peace of mind that your tasks will be done correctly and efficiently every time. Our extensive horticultural knowledge ensures that your shrubs will be vibrant and in their best health. Get the manicured look you desire, without any effort. We offer a full pruning service, whether plants are 5′ or 20″ tall.


We ensure that your landscape is well protected throughout the winter, and save you the trouble of yard work. Removing leaves and debris from your property, raking, pruning your shrubs and hedges, winterizing your garden, wrapping, tying and staking small trees and shrubs and completing your final grass cutting are all included. All of these activities will protect your landscape through the cold weather, and lead to improved health in the spring.