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Spring Lawn Care Check List

Spring Lawn Care

Spring is going to be here before we know it.We want to make sure that you have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood. Here is a helpful checklist of things that you’ll want to do for your spring lawn care routine.

Get the lawnmower tuned up:

  • Change the oil
  • Sharpen the blade (very important)

Spring Lawn Clean Up:

  • Leaves from last year need to be removed. This is important so they don’t spread diseases from the previous season.
  •  Pick up any other debris on the lawn to make sure it isn’t being smothered.


  •  Spring aeration is different from aerating in the fall. In the spring, aeration helps relieve soil compaction from the freezing temperatures during the winter.
  • Helps to allow water, oxygen and nutrients into the lawn.
  • Will help promote new growth in thin or stressed areas.


  • You will want to use a well rounded fertilizer, not a big box store brand. This will give you a better balance of quality nutrients without all of the fillers.


  • Start mowing at a height of 3″.
  • Mowing tall with a sharp blade will help to conserve water, as well as keep your grass more drought tolerant on those hot, sunny, summer days.


  • Weeds usually start to emerge by the first mowing.
  • Most post-emergent weed controls are very effective at controlling these.
  • Call us to safely treat your weeds!

Winter Turf Damage:

  • Vole and mole damage is seen more often when snow sits on the lawn for long periods of time. They will make little runways through the turf. These are often not permanent, but Voles can cause severe damage to trees and shrubs.

Leave it to the “Professionals”

Don’t have the time or the tools? Not to worry. Twisted Oak Landscaping can assess your lawn for winter damage and spring lawn requirements.

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