cut back grasses during spring clean up

Spring 2017 Is Just Around The Corner

Spring is just around the corner… the robins will return soon, the snow will disappear, and the longer days and warmer weather  will enable us to get back outside. So what do you need to do to get your yard in tip top shape for the season?  Some tips to get you started..

Trees and Shrubs

Go ahead and remove burlap from trees and shrubs as the weather warms. The  weight of heavy wet snow and freezing rain is enough to damage limbs and branches on trees and shrubs.  Prune away winter-killed branches to make room for new growth and to help avoid the spread of disease.

Lawn Areas

The first few weeks of spring are still to cold for growing seed but a lot of prep work can be done now.   Rake up any remaining fall leaves to help prevent the start or spread of disease.  Watch the lawn for signs of disease or pest damage as it comes out of dormancy.  Once the lawn has dried out you can start to rake out thatch and apply a topdressing soil.  When the temperature outside warms up enough, your lawn can be over-seeded.

Garden Beds

Rake out and clean up debris that has accumulated or blown in over the fall and winter months.  Cut back any overwintering perennials and pull up old annuals if you didn’t get around to it last fall.  Gently rake, level out and check the depth of your mulch, if applicable.  A depth of at least 3″ is recommended in order to provide more than decorative appeal.  You can top up mulch now or later.

Leave it to the “Professionals”

Don’t have the time or the tools? Not to worry. Twisted Oak Landscaping will take care of your Spring Clean Up. We’ll remove all plant protection from the fall, check for damage to trees, shrubs and hedges, and complete any pruning required in spring or to correct damage due to snow and rain. Your property will be blown and left free of debris. We will prepare your gardens for new growth and planting. And your lawns will be checked for winter damage, raked and have their first cut of the season.

Need more info?

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